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Coffee Creamer Bomb

Are you or someone you know a coffee lover? Gift a token of appreciation to a friend, family member, coworker, mail carrier or anyone by gifting them a beautifully packaged coffee creamer bomb. Packaged in a clear acetate box and individually plastic wrapped inside is a beautifully decorated coffee creamer bomb in your choice of flavor. To enjoy- pour hot coffee in a mug, add creamer the reaction, stir and enjoy! Net wt. 1.5 oz. Handcrafted in Marietta, GA. 

Chef Elizabeth and her staff plan to bring you all of those words through chocolates and confections created in her chocolate shop, Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles in Mariette, Georgia, USA. What started as a way to help a local boutique fulfill the demand for the ever popular Hot Chocolate Bomb during the 2020 Holiday season has grown into a Retail and Wholesale chocolate shop in West Marietta. Chef Elizabeth is creating items you grew up loving and adding color and twists as often as possible. You will need to make Elizabeth’s Delightful Edibles a regular stop so that you do no


Vanilla-White Callebaut Chocolate shells filled with a handcrafted vanilla coffee creamer mixture . 50 mm

Hazelnut-Milk Couverture Chocolate Shell filled with a handcrafted hazelnut oil coffee creamer mixture. 50 mm

Pumpkin Spice-White Callebaut Chocolate Shell with a pumpkin spice coffee creamer mixture. 50 mm

Caramel-Milk Couverture Chocolate Caramel Oil Shell with a handcrafted caramel coffee creamer mixture. 50 mm