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Solar Glass Jar Lantern w/ LED Light

Solar powered mosaic glass jar lantern with LED (light emitting diode) lights. Provides entrancing accent lighting and makes a marvelous addition to any yard or garden. The solar light soaks up the sun's energy during the day which is efficient and cost-saving for hassle-free illumination. Designed in mosaic style and available in red, turquoise, and purple. Cannot specify color. The lights feature a white LED light of 4 lumens that provides quality performance up to 6 to 8 hours. The mosaic jar lanterns are sturdy and weather-resistant, so they can be used in multiple seasons instead of just warm summer nights. These stunning mosaic jar LED lanterns are a practical and stylish solution for any garden, walkway, path, patio, driveway, landscape, and more. Measures 5 In. W. x 5 In. H. x 5 In. L. Includes