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Lipgarb Lip Gloss

Handmade with jojoba oil, this light-up lip gloss is smooth & never sticky. It's the perfect gloss! Each lip gloss has a light that turns on when you open it, and has a reflective mirror-like area on one side to make applying your lip gloss anywhere incredibly easy. 0.23 oz. All garb2ART products are handmade in the USA. 

garb2ART cosmetics is changing the face of cosmetics by offering quality, handmade products while bringing 'light' to recycling (or upcycling as they call it). They insist on using recyclable and upcycled materials to package their products. They are a tiny company with a BIG mission. Each lip gloss tube is made of 100% upcycled materials. 


Jojoba gel, grapeseed oil, mica and strawberry oil.