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Fire Wire

Fire Wire® Flexible Grilling Skewer is an ingenious cable-style grilling skewer that makes grilling easier than ever before. Made of 100% food grade stainless steel, Fire Wire offers flexibility like no other skewer on the market. It's twice as long as a traditional skewer and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Simply marinate in a bag on Fire Wire® skewer and place the food on the grill. Contains two pieces. 

  • Holds twice as much food as traditional skewers
  • Allows the user to marinate foods right on the wire inside of a bag, without having to handle them numerous times
  • Design allows it to remain cool to the touch, allowing it to be turned or removed from the grill without the use of other tools
  • Dishwasher safe and has a lifetime guarantee

Grilling Tips

Bring grill to desired temperature. The Fire Wire® skewers go straight from the marinade to the grill. For ease of use, thread the tip of the skewer through the loop to form a circle out of the food. Leave tip inside the grill until it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit for sanitation. After temperature is reached, remove tip from fire and hang it outside the grilling surface. Within 2 minutes, the tip will cool to ambient temperature, allowing griller to use it as a handle for turning and removing the skewer.

After removing Fire Wire® from the grill, allow the skewer to sit for 2 minutes so the wire can return to ambient temperature. Pick the skewer up by the looped end, dangling the tip above a platter. Simply slide cooked food down the length of the skewer and onto the platter. Enjoy!