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Bissinger's Chocolate Bars

Bissinger's handcrafted chocolate bars marries their signature European chocolate with a mariad of inspired flavor profiles. 3 oz. Rainforest alliance certified. Gluten free.


  • Banana Pecan Caramel - Banana infused caramel mixes with toasted crumbles of pecans and is drenched in 38% milk chocolate. It is finished with a light pink Peruvian artisan salt to delightfully roll across your taste buds.
  • Caramelized Blood Orange - Tantalize your taste buds with this extraordinary blood orange caramel with a hint of rosemary, enveloped in 60% dark chocolate and sprinkled cocoa nibs.
  • Coffee Toffee - Roasted coffee mingles with 60% dark chocolate and topped with crunchy crumbles of almond toffee for a classic, robust coffeee and chocolate flavor combination. 
  • Dulce de Leche - Buttery-rich caramel enrobes in signature 38% milk chocolate and then complemented with a light dash of fleur de sel and cinnamon.
  • Tart Cherry & Cocoa Nib Crisp Bar - Morello cherries and pure cocoa nibs are dipped in robust 75% dark chocolate for a fruit and chocolate combination that discerning palettes will appreciate.
  • 75% Dark Chocolate - Deeply rick, pure chocolate achieves a high cocoa content and is smooth but never bitter. Enjoy the robust flavors as trhey glide over your palate.