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3-Sided Wooden Desk Sign

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Get shit done—like a fucking boss! This handsome wooden desk sign features three sassy "motivational" phrases—"Like a Fucking Boss," "Dept. of Fucking Killing It," and "You Got this Shit"—all rendered in a lovely gold calligraphy. Simply flip the sign to the desired message, depending on your mood. An essential (home or office) desk accessory for anyone with a sense of style and humor!


  • RULE THE OFFICE WITH STYLE AND SASS: This handsome, high-quality wooden desk sign features three phrases printed in gold calligraphy: "Like a Fucking Boss," "Dept. of Fucking Killing It," and "You Got this Shit".
  • GREAT FOR GIFTING: Buy this office accessory for colleagues, cubicle mates, friends, or anyone who needs a little work motivation—it works equally well for men and women. You'll need one for yourself too, of course.
  • PROFANITY IS F*CKING PERENNIAL: Who doesn't love a good swear, especially when it's paired with elegant calligraphy?
  • MATCH YOUR MESSAGE TO YOUR MOOD: This classy desk sign has three different phrase options—choose the one that best suits how you're feeling on any particular day.
  • Size: 1 11/16 x 1 11/16 x 7