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Ballast Cooling Gel Pack

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Stay cool on hot days, or warm on cool nights, with our cooling and heating gel pack that is tailor-made to fit inside the Ballast pillow. This is the future we always wanted—a beach pillow with climate control. Sold in packages of two. The cooling and heating gel pack is tailor-made to fit inside the Ballast pillow. Not since PB&J have two things been so perfect for each other.

How to Stay Cool and Comfortable-

  1. Store in cooler. Place the gel pack on ice until it's nice and cold. Keep one ready to swap out to stay cool all day.
  2. Insert into pillow. Slide the gel pack into its designated Ballast pillow sleeve, which shields your skin from direct contact with the cold pack.
  3. Position across bottom. The pack contours with the bottom of the pillow to go along the base of your neck, which provides maximum cooling relief.

How to Stay Warm and Cozy-

The pack can also be warmed for cool days or stargazing at night. Heat a bowl of water on a stove, or by a campfire, and then safely submerge the gel pack until it reaches the right temperature. It might be cold outside, but your neck and head will stay comfortably warm.