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Big Ass Brick Of Soap 10 oz

The Big Ass Brick of Soap from Duke Cannon is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using shower gels and accessories. True to it's name, our soap is big (10 oz.) and being 3x larger it will last much longer than the dainty little bars in your local grocery. It also smells awesome and is made in the USA.

Fresh Cut Pine-invigorating scent of fresh-cut pine inspired by the lush green wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Campfire-features a warm, slightly smokey scent of fresh-cut hickory.

Leaf & Leather-features the rich, masculine scent of tobacco leaf and leather.

Naval Supremacy-features a refreshing ocean scent and steel cut grains for maximum grip.

Smells Like Victory-clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass and contains steel cut grains for maximum grip-ability.

Smells Like Accomplishment-bergamot & black pepper formulated with activated charcoal for superior clean.

Smells Like Productivity-fresh, energizing mint with a hint of menthol to cool the skin. Contains steel cut grains for maximum grip-ability.

Midnight Swim-a refreshing aquatic scent with green top notes.

Gun Smoke-the whiff you'll get isn't exactly metallic Cordite; rather, notes of smoked wood, bourbon vanilla, and charred leather combine to form a rich, slightly smoky scent.

Frothy the Snowman-woodsy sandalwood scent (same scent as Big Ass Beer Soap).

Lump of Coal-a rich masculine scent of bergamot and black pepper that smells nice, not naughty (same as the Accomplishment bar) and made with activated charcoal for a deeper clean.

Illegally Cut Pine-smells like fresh cut pine (same scent as Fresh Cut Pine bar).