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Stonewall Waffle Cookies

Traditionally known asstroopwafels, these popular treats from the Netherlands date back to 19th-century Europe and consist of two, thin waffle cookies sandwiched together with a sugary filling. For our modern take on this classic, thin cookies are sandwiched together with delicious new flavor combinations in the center for a sweet, satisfying snack. Enjoy one as the Dutch do by letting it soften over a hot cup of tea or cocoa for a warm treat after a long day or eat it as is.

  • Maple Brown Butter- a gooey caramel sauce made with maple, molasses and a dash of sea salt is sandwiched between the two thin cookies.
  • Cocoa Sea Salt Caramel- rich cocoa has been added to the cookie batter and sea salt added to the caramel for a sweet treat you won't want to put down.
  • Caramel Apple Pie- a gooey caramel sauce made with cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of cinnamon is sandwiched between the two thin cookies.
  • Blueberry Honey- this filling is made from honey and blueberry syrup.

Non GMO. Made in Canada.

About Stonewall Kitchen-

It all started in 1991 at a local farmers’ market with a few dozen items that we’d finished hand-labeling only hours before. Fast-forward to today, and Stonewall Kitchen is now home to an ever-growing family of lifestyle brands that includes Tillen Farms, Montebello, Napa Valley Naturals, Vermont Village, Village Candle, Urban Accents, Vermont Coffee Company and a co-branded line with Legal Sea Foods! Expertly made with premium ingredients, our products are the result of decades spent dreaming up, testing and producing only the very best in specialty foods and fine home living.