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Chardonnay Go Board Game

The classic board game meets dirty charades in this hilarious adult board game.  Make your way through the vineyard to the Tasting Room, while landing on spaces like "You sound like your mother, Move back 1", "Time out", "You think sweatpants are dressy, Move back 2", or become the Wine B*tch in this hilarious adult board game. Chardonnay Go has challenge cards that has you performing hilarious challenges while laughing your way to the Tasting Room trying to win the game. 4 or more players. Ages 21+.

Message for kids:

You will hate this game. It involves chores, folding laundry and algebra*. It's adult game night. Go away. 

*(There are no chores, laundry or algebra in this game. We just had to get rid of the children.)