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Cleaning & Dusting Wand Sleeve Replacement

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Replacement Sleeve for the E-Cloth Cleaning and Dusting Wand. Can be used dry to dust or damp to clean. The fibers have a natural positive charge to attract dust and allergens. Sleeve size 24" x 3".

  • Replacement Sleeve for the Cleaning & Dusting Wand. Machine-washable
  • Perfect for dusting behind radiators, under appliances and above high cupboards
  • Can be used wet. Cleans using just water, no chemicals - the power is in the fibers
  • Removes over 99% of bacteria.

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Cloth Cleaning instructions: a warm rinse and hanging to dry is often enough to refresh your E-Cloth dusting wand cover. If needed, machine wash regular at a medium temp using a small amount of detergent. Rinse well. If too much detergent is used, performance may be reduced, in which case a hot wash with no detergent is needed. Cloth will benefit from periodic hot wash at high temp. Tumble or hang dry. Do NOT use bleach which damages the fibers or fabric conditioner which inhibits performance.