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Coggy Mental Gears

Get your mental gears spinning with this bending, clicking, shape-shifting brainteaser! It's up to you to fold this connected collection of 16 gears into the perfect positions that match each challenge. Start out with the first card and it might seem easy. But keep working through medium, hard, and extra hard. It's not long before your synapses are in a jam and you're forced to shift to a higher gear of thinking. For ages 6-12 years.

Benefits of this brainteaser:

  • strengthens visual-spatial skills
  • challenges critical thinking, logic skills
  • 2 ways to play (colors on one side, black & white on other side)
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • gears click as they pivot-also a fidget toy
  • sparks sensory stimulation
  • gears shift up to 225 degrees-exceptional flexibility
  • chain of gears measures 14" in length
  • high quality materials for lasting durability