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Electric Color Changing Mistifier

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Lights can often elevate a Halloween display, but now you can take it to the next level with this lighted mistifier! Turn any cauldron, pumpkin, or appropriate piece of decor into a misting, bubbling fountain that lights up and changes color to create a storm of glowing fog oozing out, around and through your decor. It's simple and uses regular tap water, so there's really no reason to not get one!


  • Dimensions: 2" amotizer, 10' cord. 
  • color changing amotizer
  • uses regular tap water
  • indoor use 
  • the moisture and vapor from the product could cause damage to surfaces and surrounding areas including certain floors
  • place your bubbling water/fog product into a tray at least 1/3 larger than the diameter of the product on all sides. Cover the tray with moss or a similar product to disguise the tray if desired
  • keep electrical cord away from and out of water reservoir at all times.