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Gemini Two Tone

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Those born to the twin sign Gemini tend to have seemingly conflicting characteristics; while those with this air sign can make good philosophers, excelling at cleansing their minds to reach a higher plain of thought, they can also lead very fast-paced, adventurous lives. These versatile spirits are also very inventive and communicate well with others, gifting them with the innate ability to instruct others in their chosen field of study.

Crafted with a Rafaelian Gold and Silver Finish, this expandable bangle from Alex and Ani is perfect to wear on its own or stacked with other bangles that hold important meanings to your life. The Gemini charm affixed to the bangle features the Gemini constellation haloed by the signs of the zodiac on the front and the dates of the sign on the back. A single crystal accent brings a subtle sparkle to the charm. The bangle is expandable between 2" and 3.5" in diameter.