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Gypsy G Beaded bracelet

Beautiful upcycled fashion bracelet with Original Gucci leather pieces added by Keep It Gypsy. Upcycled work handmade in the USA. Faceted beads catch the light, 58" length for doubling up, leather accent for a boho look.

Legal disclaimer: This product is an upcycled product made from legally purchased, used Gucci products. It was created and designed by Keep It Gypsy, LLC. Keep It Gypsy does not sell new Gucci products. The condition of the Gucci product used in this upcycled product does not reflect the condition of the Gucci product as it was originally sold. Keep It Gypsy is not associated with Gucci or any other entity associated with such companies. This product has not been endorsed by Gucci  and does not fall under any warranty by Gucci The purchaser of the Keep It Gypsy product understands and acknowledges that the product is not a Gucci product.