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I Love You Just Enough Book

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While pulling weeds and planting seeds with her dad on Hazel Ridge Farm's prairie, Heather discovers a wood duckling alone in the grass. Worried for the duckling's safety, Heather asks her dad if she can care for him. "You have to keep him safe and warm and fed. You have to teach him how to be a duck--to swim, to hunt for bugs, and how to fly." Aptly named Mr. Peet for his chirping sound, the ducking accompanies Heather as she feeds the chickens, rabbits, and horses. They spend the summer swimming together in the pond, and Mr. Peet eventually masters how to fly. Heather becomes concerned when she hasn't seen Mr. Peet in 10 days. Her dad reassures her that the wood duck may have found his own place in nature. Heather is proud of her work and she knows Mr. Peet will be ok, because she loved him just enough.

I Love You Just Enough is the fifth book in the Hazel Ridge Farm series by husband-and-wife team Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. Their series is inspired by their family and life on their 40-acre farm in Bath, Michigan, a natural, safe haven for many species of fauna and flora. Nick has illustrated more than 30 books for Sleeping Bear Press, including The Legend of Sleeping Bear and Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears.