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Kaleidoscope Nail Strip Fun Collection

The fastest and easiest way to get a professional looking manicure at home!! Kaleidoscope Nail Polish Strips are 100% real nail polish. Easy. Simple. Beautiful. Easy to put on and easy to peel off removal for damage free nail. Each package contains 16 pcs. Plenty of leftovers for accent nails or to mix and match different styles from packs together. 

Why use nail polish strips?

  • They are 99% dry and will not smudge or stain.
  • You get professional-quality designs without the cost, skill, or time required by traditional nail decorating.
  • They go on in 15 minutes or less. No drying time!
  • They are a fraction of the cost of a manicure done in a salon.
  • One set will provide 2 or more manicures or pedicures.


1. Wash hands, push back cuticles, file nails, and wipe with alcohol pad. 

2. Choose size (smaller is better as they can stretch a little).

3. Remove clear plastic cover on top.

4. Peel off paper back. 

5. Place round end at cuticle bed, hold down, and stretch out to each side as you press/smooth down to the tip of nail.

6. File off excess with downward motion, peel away excess, smooth with finger.

7. Seal with a clear top coat to keep your nails looking their best for weeks. 

*Best to apply before bed so strips will have several hours to properly adhere to nails.