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Mega Cyborg Hand

Construct a giant, wearable hydraulic hand! A hands-on STEM experiment kit, the Mega Cyborg Hand provides a fun and engaging introduction to hydraulics, pneumatics, and robotics. Use the 203 pieces to assemble a 16" robotic hand that slip onto your own hand like a glove, with mechanical fingers that you operate with your own fingers. During assembly, you'll conduct experiments with different parts of the mechanical hand to learn more about air and water power and hydraulic transmissions. Customizable, it adjusts for different sized hands and easily reconfigures for left and right hand users, or for use like a claw, with the thumb in the center. 52 page, full-color instruction manual provides detailed step-by-step instructions, clear scientific explanations and examples of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in the real world, and a fun comic about the fictional adventures of the Mega Cyborg Hand! No motors, no batteries-just the power of water, air and your own hand! Two recommended age levels: 7+ with help; 10+ "I got this!"

Product features:

  • water powered pistons control each of the fingers, which are articulated in three different points
  • adjustable joints allow for precise control and amazing gripping capabilities
  • challenge yourself to pick up and hold items of different shapes and sizes