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Michigan Fleece Blanket 58" X 50"

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Our Xplorer Maps Michigan Fleece Blanket is lightweight, soft, comfortable, and breathable with beautiful map art that is vibrantly colored with a unique design. It will provide you warmth that you need for your cold nights, winter days, and chilly days. A warmth that you need for you to have if you really like to watch a movie in your living room or snuggle up on your couch or sofa, or you just wanna lay down and relax in your bed this is the best fleece blanket for you. Dimensions: 58" x 50".


A lot of map art is simply stock or "open source" imagery with a logo or small piece of custom art overlayed so that it can then be marketed as "original, custom, art". Xplorer Maps is different. Every single line, letter, and image has been intricately rendered entirely by hand. Each is unique and original to every new map we create. These map designs are truly custom and one of a kind!