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Mini House: Land of Dinosaurs Chunky Board Book

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It's epic-the irresistibly chunky, die-cut mini house book format meets the obsession of dinosaurs. The Land of Dinosaurs expands the bestselling series from Peter Lippman by breaking the conceit-its first flap isn't a door to a house or vehicle, but a portal back in time to an ancient and exotic land. A tactile treat, so pleasing to hold and flip through, to peer into the die-cut cave and rub fingers along the shape of the dinosaurs, The Land of Dinosaurs is populated with roaring, fighting, swimming, swooping, herding, running dinosaurs, all against a colorful backdrop of jungles, volcanoes, prehistoric seas, and oozing swamps. The book is a quest, as the reader follows the baby dinosaur in the story on its journey of self discovery. 11 pages.