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Moonglow Bangle Bracelet- Final Sale

With Moonglow, every moment has a moon and every moment can be cherished in your favorite piece of jewelry. Like the moon itself, each lunar charm is designed to absorb light by day to glow in dark environments, lighting up your memories every time they glow. Moonglow is on a mission to light up the world, connecting their customers to the moments that matter most.

If you don't what moon phase your special date is, use this link to look it up:

Meet the Piece: As a tribute to Woodstock, and as a gentle reminder that the key to a happy life is doing the things you enjoy, surrounded by the people you enjoy doing them with, Moonglow brings you the Moonstock Bangle Bracelet. 13mm moon image, silver plated moon charm, 8" circumference, 2 and 5/8" in diameter.