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Nikwax Polar Proof


The only waterproofer designed to protect and enhance the properties of polar fleece clothing and gear. Easy to use in your washing machine or by hand, non flammable and PFC free.

For waterproofing synthetic fleeces
  • Easy to use wash-in waterproofing for all and fleece clothing and gear

  • Adds water repellency, revitalizes insulation and increases durability

  • Enhances the performance of your fleece gear, keeping you warmer and drier

  • Recommended for Polartec®, Synchilla® and other fleece clothing and gear

Easy to use, safe, high performance waterproofing for fleece

Adds Durable Water Repellency; reducing weight gain and maintaining breathability and insulation of fleece in wet weather.

Why fleece garments keep you warm…

Fleece fabrics are used to provide lightweight, insulating mid layers and additionally hats and gloves to keep you warm. Fleece fabrics are made from synthetic fibers. The construction of the fabric allows air to be trapped between the fibers and warmed by body heat to provide insulation for the user.

Water compromises the insulating properties of fleece…

Although the individual fibers of fleece cannot absorb water, it is possible for water to become trapped in the spaces between the fibers. The accumulation of water reduces the insulating properties of fleece and also causes weight gain; fleece can hold up to 50% of its weight in water!

This reduces the comfort of the user causing them to feel wet and cold, but more importantly the reduction in insulation is dangerous and in severe cases can lead to hypothermia.

Use Nikwax PolarProof® when your fleece soaks up water…

Your fleece garment could be soaking up water just because it is dirty. First, try cleaning it with Nikwax Tech Wash®, and if it is fairly new, or recently re-waterproofed, the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) will be revitalized just from cleaning. But once the garment has been thoroughly worn, you will need to add DWR using Nikwax PolarProof®, after cleaning first with Nikwax Tech Wash®.

Cleaning properly can be as important as waterproofing…

Using the right cleaning product is as important as using the right waterproofing product. Conventional detergents leave behind a thin water-absorbent film on materials, which masks their water repellency. Therefore, always clean your waterproof garments with Nikwax Tech Wash®. Remember that dirt itself works against water repellency, so regular cleaning will enhance performance.

How Nikwax PolarProof® protects…

Nikwax PolarProof® has been specifically designed and optimized for fleece garments; it leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibers allowing moisture vapor to pass through, maintaining breathability and optimizing performance in wet weather. Additionally, it inhibits pilling of fleece fabrics, prolonging the life of gear.

Nikwax PolarProof® is easy and quick to apply in a washing machine and ensures that the treatment goes right through the garment. The highly Durable Water Repellency (DWR) of Nikwax PolarProof® develops on air drying. Therefore the need for tumble drying is removed, saving energy.