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Kettle Popcorn 2oz

Everyone knows about the sublime combination of savory and sweet, so it should be no surprise that our Kettle popcorn is just plain magical. The light hand-seasoning makes every single handful more delicious than the last. And when we say it is mouth-watering, we mean it. If you drool, we won’t judge you. Promise!

We want you to LOVE Pop Daddy popcorn and pretzels, so they make sure that they not only taste great, but that they are good for the community and good for you too! Pop Daddy takes pride in sourcing our premium kernels from family owned farms in Michigan and Indiana. Pop Daddy popcorn is popped in Olive Oil, has no preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives. Plus, it’s non-GMO and gluten free. So, go ahead, eat it all in one sitting!

Pop Daddy was born out of the passion—some would say obsession—that Pop Daddy Founder Mark Sarafa had for microwave popcorn. Mark and his family were eating microwave popcorn almost every evening when he decided to do some research. When he learned about the chemicals used in microwave popcorn and a disease called “popcorn lung” linked to microwave popcorn, he realized he needed to find a new, healthier way to feed his family’s addiction! Today, Pop Daddy Popcorn and Pretzels are located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan