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Python 10 Hammock Straps

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The Python 10 hammock straps by Kammok are lighter and stronger than other hammock straps with 20 connection points per strap. Each strap is 10' long. 2 straps are included in a carrying pouch.

Want longer straps? Check out the Python 15. They are 15' long each.

Built with our patented Nanoweave™ technology, Python 10 straps are the strongest and lightest tree-friendly straps on the market.

Lighter and stronger suspension

Patented Nanoweave™ technology eliminates extra stitching and bulk, while strengthening the hammock straps overall. Hang from the hammock straps safely up to 500 lb. When not in use, coil the Python straps down into their Sil/PU coated stuff sack.

Optimal hang

At a combined 20 feet with 20 points of connection per strap, the Python 10 straps enable you to achieve the perfect hang at any campsite. Our high-tenacity polyester webbing ensures a no-stretch hang, keeping your hammock at an optimal hang angle all night long.

Tree-friendly design

The variable width design offsets the pressure placed on trees by widening at the end of each strap. The hammock strap's secure suspension keeps them from slipping and rubbing the bark unnecessarily.