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Salad Spice 10 pk

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How do you spice up veggies and salads? With Salad Spice! Now you can enjoy the great flavors of your favorite salad dressings without the fat and calories. Enjoy low carb Salad Spice anytime, anywhere! The robust flavor you desire-crave the yummy flavors of Salad Spice without the guilt. No additional oils or farts needed. Delicious taste without the calories. Only 5 calories per serving of Peppery Garlic, 30 calories per serving of Ranch. Both flavors are gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and no MSG (Peppery Garlic is also dairy-free). Create fast and easy meals. Not just for salads-Salad Spice is a tasty topping for everything from fish, meat, eggs, and veggies to even avocados! For the busy on-the-go person, pack it in your lunch, stash it in your car or backpack for travel. Each single packet of Peppery Garlic is 4 grams, Ranch is 8 grams; enough to season a 7" dinner salad or a small entree. You will receive a zippered pouch containing 10 individual packets of one flavor.