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Scentsicles Scented Ornaments

O Christmas Tree Flameless Fragrance makes your home smell like Christmas without the flame or wax. Designed to naturally blend in, simply hang or hide in trees, wreaths, garlands, and holiday decor. Scentsicles ornaments can make any tree smell like Christmas. Whether adding scent to an artificial tree or enhancing the scent of your real tree, Scentsicles can create that magical Christmas feeling. Each bottle contains 6 scented ornaments and metal swirl hooks. Net wt. .9oz. Scent lasts for up to 30 days. For trees-hang all 6 scentsicles; for wreaths and other decor- use 2-4 and add more as necessary.

O Christmas Tree scent-Notes of balsam fir tree mingle with the aroma of juniper berries, fresh pine, and warm cedar wood. Trickling through the air is the scent of sweet, perfectly-ripened clementine, telling you that your favorite winter citrus has made its annual yuletide appearance.

Spiced Pinecones Scent-With a mug of spiced apple cider in hand, take a deep breath of all things Christmas-starting with cinnamon, clove, orange zest, allspice & nutmeg, ending with the smell of pine cones, cedar, and a newly lit fire.