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FINAL SALE Soy Wax Refill

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1 pound soy wax candle refill kit for our MSG wood mold dough bowl candles. Each refill kit comes with premixed and scented soy wax, wicks, wick stickers, and a stir stick. 

Refill instructions:

1. To clean the bowl before refilling or repurposing, use a hair dryer to remove extra wax and wipe out your bowl with a warm cloth. Clean your dough bowl with soap and water and dry your bowl thoroughly before you begin. 

2. Add wick stickers to the bottom of each metal wick base. If you have a hot glue gun, you can use glue instead of stickers. Place number of wicks needed evenly spaced across bottom of bowl placing the end wicks at least 1/2 inch away from bowl edge. 

3. Place your refill container in the microwave for two 1 minute incremnets, stirring with the stick in betweeen. Make sure that your wax is completely melted. Caution, wax will be hot! Let the wax sit for 2-5 minutes until the wax becomes a little cloudy looking, but do not allow the cooling wax to gather lumps. Pour the cloudy liquid wax into your bowl slowly to avoid bubbling. Let your candle rest for at least 24 hours before lighting. Do not move or bump your candle while it is resting.