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Unbleached Tea Bags 100 Count

Wherever or whenever you steep tea in one of these unbleached, disposable,  single cup tea bags, a soothing sensation will lightly caress your taste buds and mood, drawing you deeper into a delightful experience that leaves an all-day impression. No matter the flavor of tea, the process is quite simple-measure out your raw tea ingredients to about 2 teaspoons, pull the drawstring to a close, fill up your cup with boiled water, and then dunk or steep your tea bag for at least 3 minutes. Once ready, pull the bag out and the only thing left behind is fresh, natural tasting tea. In each bag, there's nothing but natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals to interfere with your tea experience. The teabags are biodegradable and compostable. 

  • Unbleached bags provide a fresh, all natural tea taste
  • Steeps up to an 8 oz cup of tea per bag
  • Unbleached, all natural paper w/ drawstring closure
  • Filters out sediment and other unwanted particles
  • Free of glue, chlorine, bleach, and other harsh chemicals
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Bag Dimensions: 3.125" x 2.75"