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Bedtime Shadow Book

Use a flashlight to shine the images in this book onto your bedroom wall for a little extra  bedtime story fun as you read the tale inside. Hardcover spiral-bound. 16 pages. For ages 3-9.


  • Unicorn's Magical Day-Follow along as Little Unicorn has a fun-filled magical day. 
  • Whoo's There?-Read this tale of nocturnal creatures and discover about those that move about during the night.
  • Up, Up, and Away!-Follow the kite's journey past a bird, a balloon, an airplane, a rocket, and beyond!
  • Nighttime Fairies- Follow along with this enchanting tale about fairies and their moonlit adventures!
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Mother and father creatures from around the world lull their babies to sleep in this charming and unique bedtime book.
  • No Monsters Here!- Ease your little one's mind before bed with this storybook.
  • Dinos After Dark- Learn fun facts about prehistoric creatures and explore what Earth was like before humans were here!