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Weekend In Paris Loose Leaf Single Serve Teas Set

Experience the Fashion Capital of the world with this alluring gift set of 9 of Vahdam's best in-house blends, packed elegantly in beautiful tea caddies.

• Includes 9 loose leaf tea canisters, each approx. 0.39 oz
• Flavors include blooming rose herbal tea, hibiscus rush herbal tea, vanilla spiced chai, chocolate vanilla herbal tea tisane, apple cinnamon herbal tea tisane
• Flavors also include ayurvedic rose herbal green tea, citrus ginger herbal tea tisane, chamomile mint citrus green tea and sweet Himalayan detox green tea
• Dimensions - 8.42" L x 8.42" W x 0.98" H
• Weight - 3.53 ounces
• Brewing instructions - Brew 2g leaves in 200 ml boiling water for 2-5 minutes, strain the leaves, add sweetener as per taste, refrigerate, add ice cubes to chill