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Wireless Keyboard - Final Sale

New sleek & portable wireless keyboard for smart phones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices. TYPE wireless keyboard is light, pocket sized, and stylish. The outer case is durable and made from high quality aluminum. The key responsiveness was designed to create the ultimate feel for the best typing results. No more tapping on your smart phones, an easier typing option is available with TYPE!

Features & details:

  • POWER THAT LASTS - Up to 60 days of battery power on standby and 2-3 weeks of continues use. This powerful keyboard will makes sure that you have the energy when you need it to type up those lengthy emails
  • ON THE GO - New sleek & portable folding bluetooth keyboard that pairs with any bluetooth device including laptops , tablets or your phone. When folded up this compact keyboard fits into any sized bag which makes it great for travel
  • BUILT TO LAST - At 5.5 inches folded up and 11.5 inches open & flat, this flexible keyboard case is made out of high quality Aluminum ensuring that this durable keyboard will stand the test of time
  • COMPATIBLE - Works with multiple operating systems including Apple, Android, and Microsoft Windows. Will pair with most Bluetooth enabled devices including your computer, laptop, phone and tablets
  • CHARGING - Micro USB Charging cable included (Most common cable)