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Wooden BBQ Butler Grate Scraper

BBQ Butler Wood Grill Scraper - Metal grill brushes and scrapers can leave behind their loose, dangerous bristles on your grill grate, which can then transfer to your food. THE BBQ BUTLER GRILL SCRAPER CLEANS YOUR GRILL EFFICIENTLY and with no risk of metal shards or wires being left behind! With its ERGONOMIC DESIGN and SMOOTH EDGES, this wood BBQ scraper is ready to go and provides an easy and comfortable grip. GENTLE ENOUGH to save your grill top from the wear and tear of wire brushes, yet TOUGH ENOUGH to clean your grill anywhere you go: hunting, camping, tailgating or simply at home on the deck, you will want to bring this bad boy everywhere you fire up your BBQ. Customizing the BBQ Butler wood grill scraper is simple. While the grill is still hot, firmly slide the scraper along the grill grates to remove residue. GROOVES WILL FORM IN THE SCRAPER OVER SEVERAL USES, CONFORMING TO YOUR GRILL. The attached METAL CLEANING SCRAPER TOOL can be used to clear burnt-on messes from the bottom and sides of the grates and all of those hard to reach areas. The attached bottle opener on the back is handy for opening drinks as you grill. Wash before first use. Clean by hand washing using dish soap and a cloth. Do not soak the scraper or wash in a dishwasher. Grill surfaces can be hot. Use caution to avoid injury. Do not use the wood scraper tool for anything but its intended purpose. Cleaning scraper can be sharp. Please use caution. Makes a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who grills!