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Campfire Dinners Cookbook

Recipes you'll love, fresh from the fire. Making great food in the great outdoors! There is something deeply satisfying about cooking over a crackling fire, where fresh ingredients takew on smoky and sweet flavors you just can't duplicate in your kitchen. Take your campfire meals to the next level with these scrumptious dinners like delectable skewered Steak & Veggie Rolls, fun pie iron Chimichangas, or hearty Dutch Oven Deep Dish Pizza. Perfect for a backyard bonfire or for your next camping trip, these recipes will help you rediscover the pleasures of campfire cooking. Fresh air, glowing embers, great company, and fantastic food - relax while your food cooks and create great memories that will last long after the coals are cool. 64 pages in a spiral-bound soft cover printed in the USA.