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Crockstar Dinner Mix

Crockstar Dinner Club is a meal prep company that was created to help bring families back to the dinner table. We are all busy for our own reasons - Volunteering, work, children, activities... You name it! Crockstar Dinner Club gives you an effortless way to have a home cooked meal with your busy lifestyle.

  • Very Little prep work! Just add the meat & other limited ingredients & go!
  • All meals can be cooked in your crockpot
  • All meals serve 6-8 people


Creamy Cajun Chicken (GF) – A light cajun kick is the perfect touch for this creamy meal.

Crisp Chicken Taquitos (Low Carb & GF)- Tex-Mex flavored taquitos!

No Tortilla Chicken Fajitas (Keto & GF) – Everything you love about Fajitas without the guilt of carbs

Southern Style Porkchops (GF) - Pork Chops covered in rich, creamy gravy .. The Southern way!

Thunder Chicken (Keto & GF) - Crockstars most popular meal! Some call it crack chicken, but we call it Thunder Chicken because it explodes in your mouth like the Thunder explodes on the COURT...Thunder UP!

Yummy Baked Potato Soup (GF without hash browns) - ​Yummy is an UNDERSTATEMENT!