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Outsiders Pretzel Bites

Small Batch, BIG Taste! Enjoy the twist that Outsider's Kitchen + Cafe puts on a simple snack that is sweet and salty perfection! They take broken sourdough pretzels and add a little of this and a little of that for a treat that's hard to resist. Pro tip: Dunk a few in your coffee or sprinkle on top of ice cream. Net wt. 7 oz. of delicious pretzels in a resealable zipper top bag. Proudly made in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Outsiders Kitchen is a small batch snack company started by pretzel-proud Philadelphia natives that now call the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York home. Their mission is simple: Flavored sourdough pretzels like you haven't quite experienced before. Perfectly sweet and salty, each bag packs a flavorful punch and a hearty crunch. The kitchen is their happy place and they love sharing their creatively crafted snacks.


Sugar + Spice-Meet your snacking BFF. Perfectly sweet and salty and just right to satisfy any craving! We add a special blend of sugar and spices for a truly delectable treat. You'll definitely want to enjoy these pretzels on the regular (and maybe share with a friend).

Coffee + Cream-You'll totally dig these sourdough pretzels blended with a signature sugar and spices with a bonus caffeinated kick. Coffee flavored pretzels? Trust the creative process. Using only the finest beans sourced from favorite roaster, Armeno Coffee, these pretzels are sure to give you a little boost of energy to get across the finish line, whether that's tackling a mountain of laundry, wrapping up a presentation, or enjoying them while doing absolutely nothing at all. You'll be reveling in their deliciousness in no time flat.

Lemon + Poppy-Inspired by our favorite muffin, these Lemon + Poppy Pretzel Bites are bold and bright! With a powerful punch of lemon and a sprinkling of poppy seeds, your taste buds will delight in this flavorful combination that does not exist elsewhere on a pretzel (for real, that's why we created it). Delicious right out of the bag or sprinkled over ice cream!