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Cat Stax Puzzle

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Enjoy hours of feline fun with Cat Stax The Purrfect Puzzle. This adaptive and unique game features several different ways to play. Simply choose a card and then arrange the cats within a grid to fit together the correct way. The cats come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes, so the challenge lies within figuring out how to piece them together properly. The multicolored kitties are fun to work with and arrange while teaching visual spacial skills. The Cat Stax puzzle also helps develop hand-eye coordination in younger children. There are varying levels of difficulty, so there is always a challenge that is just right for your child's skill level. This kids' puzzle comes in a zany and fun box decorated like a cat and includes 48 unique challenged ranging from beginner to advanced. It's great for rainy days and use in the classroom in addition to entertainment when traveling.Cat Stax The Purrfect Puzzle is a fun and educational game that offers nearly endless opportunities to challenge yourself and learn.

Brainwright Cat Stax The Purrfect 3D Puzzles

  • Age range 8 years and up
  • Select a challenge and arrange all of the cats on the card
  • Cats come in all shapes and sizes
  • Figure out how they precisely nestle together to solve each challenge
  • The Cat Stax puzzle includes 48 puzzles