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Blessing Bracelets Set

The Blessing Bracelet brings abundance and prosperity through your life's journey and encourages patience and perseverance. As you travel along your journey, take time to be spiritual, it soothes your spirit and nourishes your soul. You'll discover gratitude is the path to fulfillment and always remember- you are loved and always count your blessings. Proceeds from your purchase of this bracelet will be donated to the Bay County Humane Society in Michigan. 

Blue Bracelet is for Renewal, Prosperity, Wisdom-Regarded to bring energy and strength. Encourages leadership and perseverance. Creates harmony and balance between physical and emotional well-being. Promotes good luck and abundance. 

Beige Bracelet is for Compassion, Spiritual, Healing-Devotion of the Heart believed to attract true love. Nurtures comfort, compassion and tenderness. Centers the spirit. Cleanses the mind. Mystical and sensual, balances mood, and inspires passion.

Grey Bracelet is for Energy, Balance, Positivity-Transforms negative energy into positive action. Inspires optimism and creativity. Nurtures peace, meditation and reflection. uplifting, calms stress and worry.

Black Bracelet is for Uplifting, Balance, Clarity-Repels negative energy and negative thoughts. Empowers strong emotions and passions. Soothes mental anxiety. Enhances physical strength. Protective, Calming, Relaxing, Decisive.