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Soul Stacks Bracelets 3pc Set

Be reminded of what's important in life with a beautiful 3 piece Soul Stacks bracelet set. Each Soul Stacks set is a carefully curated trio of bracelets featuring genuine semi-precious stone beads complemented by metal accents. They make great gifts for any loved one.

Gratitude-there is always something to be grateful for. This set is an ideal gift for someone who needs a daily reminder to be grateful for all of the blessings that surround them. This bracelet stack features aventurine, the stone of luck-inviting prosperity into your life. 

Breathe-live in the moment and just breathe.Let this bracelet stack be your reminder to live in the moment and just breathe. This stack features white howlite, which is a calming stone.

Warrior-stay strong and channel your inner warrior. Let this bracelet stack be your reminder to stay strong and channel your inner warrior when life is hard or getting you down and you need to stay strong and fight back. This stack features black agate, which is a grounding and protective stone.

Follow your Heart-follow your heart and you will always find your way. This set is an encouraging reminder for yourself, friend, or loved one to follow their heart in life and on any new adventure. This stack features labradorite, which is a healing and protective stone.

Enjoy the Journey-wherever life takes you enjoy the journey. This set is a wonderful reminder to enjoy the journey that is life. Whether the journey in life is spiritual or physical, this set serves as a daily reminder to enjoy the journey no matter what. This stack features blue lapis, which is a protective and wisdom stone.

Live with Love-do all things with love. Let this stack be a daily reminder to do all things with love and to lead a life filled with love. This stack features rose quartz, which is a stone that harnesses love, peace, and healing.