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Zodiac Necklace

Each necklace is handmade from brass and 18k gold dipped, hypoallergenic and designed in the USA. Necklace length is 16" with 2" extender. 

Capricorn- December 22-January 19; represents responsibility. You are the master of self-discipline. You don't let things leave your hands with sloppiness. You learn from mistakes and never have them done twice. 

Aquarius- January 20-February 18; represents prudence. People may perceive you rather quiet and shy, but that's because you think deeply and never make rash judgements. So, you see the world without prejudice. 

Pisces- February 19-March 20; represents empathy and compassion. You are always helping other people if they are in need. At times, you are even selfless. Your loving heart looks out for others. 

Aries- March 21-April 19;  represents energy and turbulent. You always be the ignition to the beginning of something new. The driving force of positive energy. 

Taurus- April 20-May 20;  World is full of misleading and deceit. Be like Taurus, practical and well-grounded. See the world through sober mind. 

Gemini- May 21-June 20; Gemini represents two different characteristics in one. This is your advantage. While others are holding one card, you are holding two. 

Cancer- June 21-July22; Cancer represents intuition and sentiment. In a society where technology matters with precision and analytical judgements, you take intuition and sentiment to suggest humane point of view. 

Leo- July 23-August 22; Represents leadership. Like the king of the animals you stand among others and guide. You are born to be a leader. 

Virgo- August 23-September 22; Represents sensitiveness. You never miss even the smallest detail, because you care and you don't disregard. You are acknowledged and appreciated. 

Libra- September 23- October 22; Represents balance. You never lean on one side over another or have bias. You bring harmony and peace through maintaining a balance. 

Scorpio- October 23-November 21; Represents passion and assertiveness. You are your own motivation, and motivation for others as well. Your determination moves the world. 

Sagittarius- November 22-December 21; Represents curiosity. You are open to various viewpoints. That's why you always pose questions looking for new and different answers.