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Palm Pals Stuffed Animal

Join the Palm Pals Party and start your collection today! Everybody loves Palm Pals! These adorable Christmas ones are no exception! Palm Pals stuffed animals are adorable little stuffed animals that can fit in the palm of a hand. Surface washable. Ages 3+. Approximate height: 5"

How I was made:

  • I am 5 inches in size.
  • I'm made from high quality materials for a soft, fluffy touch.
  • I hold bean pellets suitable for all ages to ensure my quality and stability.

Meet the Palm Pals-

Floating in place, Boo is a single ghost patiently waiting for their new ghoulish bestie. Not here to scare, Boo simply wants a companion to go trick-or-treating with.

Pump up the volume with Brody, the craziest puppy of the party! Bounce to beat with Brody by your side and you'll never run out of fun.

Chomps has his heart set on winning one thing - your friendship! A competitive pal, Chomps is eager to be the best in everything!

He may not have four-leaves, but he sure is one lucky bunny! Clover hops in as the best and cutest lucky charm you could ever have. Brighter days and manifesting your goals with Clover by yourside may just turn things up for the better.

Take a page from Cottontail's book, you'll find the definition of polite. Cottontail is a charming gentleman who goes out of his way to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

 For one of our younger Palm Pals, Darling is quick to pick up and learn new things. As they waddle through the beginning stages of life, Darling is one clever and observant baby.

Grab a quick smoothie with your bunny bestie and don't forget to add a couple of carrots in for her! Sunkissed with the perfect tan, Ella loves a day in the sun!

Here for the ultimate playdate is Flick! A master of jokes and pranks, Flick is an energy-ball ready to play everyday! With a child-like spirit, Flick bounces around to find his best pal to develop his next mischevious plan.

Hedgie is a hero hidden behind his tiny spikes. Set on making a change in the world, he is looking for a sidekick to save the day!

Swapping stories for hours, Lady is a true socialite as a cocker spaniel puppy. She will surely love to have endless chit-chat with you for days to come!

Let out a mighty…meow? Meow is a confident orange tabby. Not an ordinary street cat, she struts down the block with her tail up high.

Jealous of the other tall ogres her storybooks, Moh wants nothing moh-re in life than to be tall! Itching to reach new heights, she needs some peptalk to appreciate her shorty cuteness.

Piggles is one fashionista! Watch him walk down, flexing his outfits for everyone to see! Just look at those iconic spots!

Amongst the swarm of commoners, Queeny reins supreme. Dazzling with elegance, Queeny is a top-tier bestie that will treat you like royalty.

Ruff Ruff is a melodic little pupper with a full range of barks and howls! Sing in a musical, and bask in the starlight as he takes the stage!

Recognized for beauty and grace, Sassy is that little diva you'll WANT to show off to your other friends.

Hold a special spot for the most prestine feline to come around! Silver shines brighter than any diamond in your collection. With a twinkle in her eyes, Silver's dazzling look is sure to charm anyone who walks by.

Clumsy is an understatement after meeting Stomps. Tripping over nothing and getting lost is her specialty, so maybe keep her a little close by?

A little love and a good ol' tennis ball is all it takes for Sunny to be your new best friend! A classic and honest pup, Sunny can be your companion forever.

Bathe in that summer glow with Summer! A day in the shade wouldn't be fun without a friendly cloud companion by your side.

A not-so giant creature, many are fooled by Tyranno's appearance. He may have a fierce exterior, but Tyranno is a true softy waiting to find his ride-or-die pal. Break through to see how friendly this dino can be!