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Large Bath Bomb Michel

Directions for a luxurious bath: Fill tub, drop in a bath bomb, allow ingredients to effervesce releasing essential oils into the water and a delicate fragrance into the air. Use our large bath bomb to create your own personal spa. Makes a wonderful addition to a gift basket paired with other items from Michel Design Works. 5.25 oz. 


Garden Melody-subtle exotic florals including frangipani and jasmine with undertones of cedarwood and lemon zest. 

Indigo Cotton-the freshness of linen with powdery floral undertones of violet, carnation and lily of the valley.

Flamingo-powdery violets and orange blossoms with soft notes of musk and ripe plum.

Pink Cactus-soothing combination of freesia and Asian pear with hints of musk, vanilla and coconut.

Confetti-lily of the valley with notes of green tea and touches of amber and tulips.

Water Lilies-soft bergamot and lily of the valley with notes of tulips and sandalwood.

Lavender Rosemary-unmistakable scent of lavender with rosemary and a hint of eucalyptus.

Lilac and Violets-wild blooming lilacs with undertones of hyacinth, violets and white carnation.

Rhapsody-sweet butterfly bush with accents of honey, carnation and rain.