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LumiPets Nightlight Alarm Clock

2-in-1 Alarm Clock and Nightlight

LumiPets' adorable night light/alarm clock makes falling asleep and waking up fun! Intended to help infants and toddlers fall to sleep and wake up, it is easy to adjust and customize using the controls on the reverse side. It works just like any other alarm clock, with just a few extra features designed to comfort and delight kids of all ages. The LumiClock doubles as a color-changing LED nightlight lamp and clock and they are built to be sturdy and hold up to little kids' tough love. It offers a wake to rise feature, color changing modes, brightness control, cute animated faces and sounds. The clock display can show either standard 12-hour time or 24-hour (military) time.


  • Color-changing LED nightlight lamp function.
  • Color-changing wake-to-rise function.
  • Color cycling.
  • Brightness adjustment.
  • Cute animated display faces.
  • Multiple pleasing sounds.
  • Switch between 12-hour and 24-hour (military) time.

From the brand

Nightlight, nursery light, kids alarm clock, training alarm clock, sound soother for baby
nightlight, nursery light, kids alarm clock, training alarm clock, sound soother for baby
How we got our start?
LumieWorld began with a mission to help little ones feel comfortable in the dark and develop healthy bedtime and sleep routines optimizing soothing color glows throughout the night. What started as a small project for a little girl has grown into a mission to illuminate imaginative play!
What makes our product unique?
At LumieWorld we designed our products to offer a dim & bright white light, slow flow & blinking color mode, and color selection features using our unique LumiPet remote. We take calculated care of how we produce our products, with child safety a top priority, and we stand by our products 100%.
Why we love what we do?
At LumieWorld, we have a passion for helping children overcome their sleep challenges. We are dedicated to supporting parents through sleep transitions and routine building with their little ones. We love knowing that our products are helping to comfort children around the world.