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Bistro Queso Set

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The Bistro Queso Set is a 2-piece set that is both convenient and stylish, making it perfect for serving and enjoying queso dips. Included in the set is a hand-painted ceramic queso saucepan, which adds an elegant touch to any table setting. The saucepan is made of durable and heat-resistant dolomite, ensuring that it can withstand the dishwasher and microwave for easy cleaning and reheating of your queso dip. Additionally, the set includes a wood and silicone spoon that conveniently nests in the handle of the saucepan, ensuring that you always have a utensil on hand when serving your delicious queso. The spoon is made of high-quality materials that are safe to use with food and won't cause any damage to the ceramic surface. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a cozy night in, the Bistro Queso Set is a must-have for any queso lover. Its beautiful design and practical features make it a versatile and convenient addition to your kitchenware collection.
Dimensions dish 3" x 9 3/4" | spoon 5 1/2"
Material Dolomite
Care Instructions Ceramic is dishwasher safe. Ceramic is microwave safe