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Capabunga Wine Bottle Top

Do you hate that you can't fit open bottles with corks or stoppers in the fridge door and close it? Have you tried to lay an open bottle with a cork or stopper at an angle or on it's side and returned to wine leaking everywhere? Are you tired of trying to jam a cork in your wine bottle after pouring a glass and it doesn't fit because the cork has expanded? We feel your pain! So we invented CapaBunga® to solve the problem!

CapaBunga is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of wine after you remove the cork. It’s made to resemble the bungs used to seal barrels during wine-making. Once you remove the cork and re-seal the bottle with a CapaBunga®, it is liquid tight and the open bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking. No more jamming the cork back in the bottle, no more open bottles leaking all over your fridge, no more rearranging the fridge to fit an open bottle.

CapaBunga® fits virtually every wine bottle including half bottles (375ml) and magnums (1.5L) but it is not recommended for Moscato, Champagne or Sparkling wine as there is too much effervescence in those wines. For Sparkling wine and Champagne we recommend

  • Made from high quality reusable silicone.
  • CapaBunga fits fully over the neck of the bottle.

Capabunga works best on most bottles of still wine if you...

1. Completely remove existing cap and cork.

2. Pour some wine then reseal with Capagunga (Make sure to fully push down over the bottle neck)