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  • LET THE DICE DECIDE: ‘Netflix and chill’ night in? Don’t let it become a mindless scrollathon. Dice-Flix will settle any arguments. Use both dice – one displaying number and one displaying directions – to navigate the menu and find your movie or show. Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice.
  • NAVIGATE THE STREAMING MENU: Make your way around the menu with ease. Simply roll the dice and follow the instructions. One dice displays the directions across and down, and the other displays how many movements you make in that direction, numbering 1 to 6. Roll the dice as many times as you want. But remember: the dice must decide!
  • SETTLES ANY ARGUMENTS OVER WHAT TO WATCH: Fed up with fighting every single movie night? Do you experience frustration every time someone breaks out the popcorn and projector? Dice-Flix prevents anyone – family, friends, partners or housemates – having the monopoly over what box sets, comedy movies, horror movies, war movies, or what episodes of Game of Thrones or Star Wars you watch (please not Attack of the Clones… !). The dice have spoken.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT OR PRESENT: Looking for unusual gifts or novelty gifts for your best friend? Gifts for men, gifts for women, gifts for TV addicts, funny gifts for friends or Christmas stocking fillers? This new and amusing gadget is loved by kids, adults and teens, and is one of the top gifts for couples right now!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST STREAMING SERVICES: This dice doesn’t just work with Netflix – other streaming services are available. It works just as well with Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Disney+, meaning there’s always a chance you’ll land on Toy Story!