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Easy Flower Arranger Tri-Pack Flower

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Easy Arranger is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Bend the arranger over the top of your vase
  2. Start inserting flowers from the center opening and out.  Tip: Remove low leaves and thorns before arranging
  3. Keep inserting flowers until the arrangement is full and lovely.  Tip:  To make the flowers last longer, change the water daily by lifting off the grid, flowers and all! When you're done, simply remove the flowers, flatten the Easy Arranger and store until next time

Not sure what size arranger to purchase for your vases?  No worries, the 3 best-selling arrangers are included in this set. 


  • 4 inch round arranger
  • 5 inch round arranger
  • 6 inch round arranger