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Inis Diffuser Reeds

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Enjoyed your Inis Diffuser enough to need to replenish your reeds? Simply purchase this Inis diffuser refill pack of reeds. The package contains 5 diffuser reeds.  The uplifting fragrance of the Inis diffuser is formulated with a better-than-ever fragrance delivery via these fiber wick reeds.

Since it has no heat or flame source, is safe for children and pets. The diffuser uses fiber reeds that soak up fine fragrances and oils contained in a jar and then disperses the aroma into the air. Without the need for a heat source, this makes them perfect to have in a bathroom or guest room where you do not want to leave a candle burning. If this scent is too strong, remove some of the reeds. If you desire a more intense scent, you can carefully flip the reeds every few months.