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Lost Bay City Book

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When the phrase "Do you remember?" is uttered in Bay City, it is usually followed by the name of a hotel, restaurant, business, or building. Slowly, many parts of local history have been lost to the sands of time. Fire took many, followed by condemnations and the inevitable advance of progress. An empty lot may be all that remains of a once-prominent structure, but sometimes a new landmark emerges. In the case of one famous address at Center and Water Streets, the Wenonah Hotel rose out of the ashes of the Fraser House, another prominent facade. Seven decades later, the Wenonah, too, succumbed to fire; out of those ashes rose the Delta College Planetarium, a third-generation landmark. Photographs help residents remember, though each person who experienced something firsthand has his or her own distinct connection with these pieces of lost Bay City. Paperback book counting 128 pages.