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Mackinac Fudge Recipes Book

16 delicious fudge recipes are found in this soft cover cookbook inspired by Mackinac's famous fudge. Every recipe has a coordinating photo. 

Mackinac Fudge History-

Mackinac Island moved from the traditional fur and fish market into a popular summer resort. Shops that used to carry fish and trapping wares changed to accommodate the growing tourist trade. At first, the shops sold "Indian Curios". The new Mackinac Island "confectionary business" sprang up with local native Americans providing maple syrup. These confectioners expanded into other forms of sweet products including chocolates, selling a product that was created on Mackinac Island as day visitors searched to quench their "sweet tooth" appetite. After the construction of the Grand Hotel in 1887, candy shops opened on Mackinac Island. Mackinac-made fudge became a visual success as candy shops began to use marble slabs so the tourists could watch the process. At first it was Chocolate Fudge plain or with nuts. The huge copper kettles cooked the molten fudge ingredients, and then were poured onto the large marble slab. Thirty-five pound "loaves" of fudge, now in all sorts of distinctive flavors, are cut into slices and consumed at an incredible rate.