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Peanut Brittle

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A classic confection gets a flavor boost.

Zingerman's Candy Manufactory isn't reinventing the wheel, just making it more delicious. This time, it's a flavor-charged upgrade of classic peanut brittle. 

Jumbo Runner peanuts jut like boulders from a shiny, golden candy sea. The texture looks silky but shatters in crisp shards with each bite. To achieve this consistency, the candy cooks make small batches by hand with a watchful eye.

This is stovetop brittle, not factory gristle, with butterscotch-brown flavor, sharp, crackly texture and a finishing savor of roasted peanuts. It’s ideal for picnics because it won’t melt in the heat. A small sliver is a wonderful treat. It’s also great if you coarse chop it and toss it onto gelato. Or on savory salads. It’s a surprisingly good pairing with blue cheese.

Looking for a little extra sweetness? The candy team also make chocolate covered peanut brittle.

"A peanut brittle so simple, yet so compulsively munchable, that it could reverse the decades-long trend of brittle under-appreciation."
Kate Bernot, Serious Eats

"...all the deep butterscotch flavor of traditional brittle but none of the teeth-cracking stickiness"
The O List